How to handle your business debt right

Spurred on by their boundless ambition and unending dreams of making it big, the labor market is full of young entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, most of these big dreamers create business ventures only to... Read more »

4 Effective ways to reduce your business debt

Are you in a situation, where you own people money and are wondering what to do? If the answer is yes, then you will find this article useful. Sometimes in your life... Read more »

Start-Up valuation: Seeing beyond financial results

Businesses review their financial results every month. They look at the revenue, expense and net income. They compare the results for the month with the budget figures. They look up the assumptions... Read more »

Returns: Planning your investment portfolio

We all work hard to make the little cash we have to cover our usual expenses and leave some for spare. The trade-off is straightforward- spend or save. However, with proper cash... Read more »

Small business cash flow improvement strategies

Every business runs on and with money. its usefulness in the daily workings of a business entity is unlimited, and none so more than in the health of your startup. This is... Read more »

How Uwezo Fund holds the future of youth in business The government-funded enabler has allowed youth and marginalized groups to raise capital and venture into businessin business?

The past few years have seen several government initiatives to get Kenyan youth and women involved in the business. The Uwezo fund is one of the more recent. The kitty was born... Read more »
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