The Adobe Photoshop updates revolutionizing photo editing The new version brings forth features that enhance former functionality levels of previous versions while also introducing better performance through new features.

The new release of Adobe Photoshop did cause a stir all around, as expected. The latest version of the famous photo editor, Adobe Photoshop CC, abounds with exciting new and better features. However, of all... Read more »

Choosing the right commercial broker for you

When you’re looking to expand your commercial property or business, a Commercial Mortgage is the best way to secure additional funds for your investment. Nevertheless, to choose the best deal on your... Read more »

Ensuring financial prudence among the youths This is how to help your young ones avoid obvious money mistakes

One of the highlights of our life is the campus experience. A lot characterize this campus experience, ranging from the last minute rush to revise for exams, the legendary and not so... Read more »

How Uwezo Fund holds the future of youth in business The government-funded enabler has allowed youth and marginalized groups to raise capital and venture into businessin business?

The past few years have seen several government initiatives to get Kenyan youth and women involved in the business. The Uwezo fund is one of the more recent. The kitty was born... Read more »
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