How to write job postings that attract top prospects on social media

The ‘real’ world is increasingly getting in tune with the ‘virtual’ world, and social media leads the way. The days when only a handful of people embraced social media passed, with Facebook... Read more »

Four business idea mistakes to avoid

well, now that you’ve got an award-winning idea of an impeccable business, it’s time to give it shape, flesh, and reality. However, very often, many people make big and small mistakes while... Read more »

Financial security through astute money management

Money management is nothing but the act of saving or investing the money in order to reach the financial goal. Also, it also helps in creating a solid budget for the finances... Read more »

Small business cash flow improvement strategies

Every business runs on and with money. its usefulness in the daily workings of a business entity is unlimited, and none so more than in the health of your startup. This is... Read more »

Dealing with with irregular income sources during Budgeting

Self-employment naturally brings along a greater independence and flexible working hours. However, it also comes with increased volumes of irregular earning abilities. From real estate agents to commission sales people, contractors, temporary,... Read more »

Here’s how to respond to start-up problems within your business

It may be a cliche, but numbers simply do not lie. And among such numbers is the fact that almost 50 percent of start-ups die in under five years. While it is... Read more »

When should you seek outside help for your business?

 Managing a young business is much like parenting… you need to know about a lot of stuff. This is especially true if you own and run your own, small business. To stay... Read more »

How to market your new business successfully

It is claimed that necessity is the mother of invention. While that may be true, there exist no guarantees that persons with tons of necessity would automatically come up with something new.... Read more »
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