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How to focus while investing in properties

Distorted views and hyped rumors and analysis are high for investors investing in properties. If the current trend is any indication many investors have lost money in an otherwise profitable market while there are others who remain at a loss as to how to sell their properties for a premium. There are of course a…

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Start-Up valuation: Seeing beyond financial results

Businesses review their financial results every month. They look at the revenue, expense and net income. They compare the results for the month with the budget figures. They look up the assumptions made in the budget, investigate the activities that took place for the past month, and derive an explanation for the variance. The cycle…

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Is it time for you to invest in private equity ventures?

In wealth creation there is various investment vehicles that one can choose to use to grow their money and secure their old age. Private equity happens to be one of the ways to invest your hard earned money and watch it grow over a specified period of time. The private equity Concept The concept is…

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