What is the role of public policy in the survival of business start-ups? Business environment is a key contributor to start-up success, and public policy plays the biggest role in formulating such environment

You don’t have to be schooled in economics to notice that economic development does not always translate into socioeconomic well being of the people. The economy can grow by leaps and bounds.... Read more »

Would you like to win investor funding for your startup? Every startup is chasing after the investors' money, so position yourself ahead of the competition to land the investors you want.

The employment (read, unemployment) problem is as steadfast in the country as ever. In fact, our education system, criticized as it may be, continues to produce (qualified?) graduate professionals every day into... Read more »

The winners and losers from recent global currency collapse

It is that time of a financial cycle when currencies all over the place start falling in value. Yes, global currencies are crashing… again! The (un)fortunate news, however, is that every financial... Read more »

Is it time for you to invest in private equity ventures?

In wealth creation there is various investment vehicles that one can choose to use to grow their money and secure their old age. Private equity happens to be one of the ways... Read more »

How to recover from common personal financial mistakes You are in charge of own finances, and whatever your situaton, you put yourself in it. You can still make it better for you.

“I have been leading a very disciplined life financially since I started implementing some personal finance principles. I have been able to cut down on most of my unnecessary expenditures, save more... Read more »

How to hunt down your dreams and attain financial stability

We all want to lead a life of financial freedom. This means having the ability to make monetary choices that you want.   Financial stability is thus the ultimate goal of every... Read more »

How to avoid cash flow troubles in your small business

Ah, cash flow. Is there anything more terrifying or essential to a small business’s survival? Manage it well, and you won’t just feel amazing, you and your business will be. Manage it... Read more »

Here’s why unit trusts are better than savings accounts

We all desire to save and/or invest at some point in our lives but we fail to accumulate the little extra we have or we lack adequate financial know how to do... Read more »
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