The Adobe Photoshop updates revolutionizing photo editing The new version brings forth features that enhance former functionality levels of previous versions while also introducing better performance through new features.

The new release of Adobe Photoshop did cause a stir all around, as expected. The latest version of the famous photo editor, Adobe Photoshop CC, abounds with exciting new and better features. However, of all... Read more »

How to write job postings that attract top prospects on social media

The ‘real’ world is increasingly getting in tune with the ‘virtual’ world, and social media leads the way. The days when only a handful of people embraced social media passed, with Facebook... Read more »

How to fight stomach ulcers at home A review of the best foods to fight against stomach ulcers home

Also referred to as gastric ulcers, stomach ulcers are lesions that develop within the lining of the stomach.  They occur when excessive acid corrodes stomach linings during cases of extreme hunger. The... Read more »

Four business idea mistakes to avoid

well, now that you’ve got an award-winning idea of an impeccable business, it’s time to give it shape, flesh, and reality. However, very often, many people make big and small mistakes while... Read more »

The life-changing power of small things

 On May 21, James Citrin, the author of The Career Playbook who is also the leader and CEO Practice at Spencer Stuart delivered the Wesleyan University Phi Beta Kappa Commencement Address. This... Read more »

Adjusting your routine to free up more cash

When budgets are tight and funds are low, finding creative ways to free up cash is a must. Whether you need to get out of debt, start an emergency savings account, or... Read more »

Saving money for your new business

Whether you are franchising a chain or starting your own new business right from scratch, there are certain things you need to have, and things you need to be prepared for, in... Read more »

How to focus while investing in properties

Distorted views and hyped rumors and analysis are high for investors investing in properties. If the current trend is any indication many investors have lost money in an otherwise profitable market while... Read more »
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