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Steps to creating a YouTube channel and gain huge following We share essential steps to creating and growing your YouTube channel.

The last decade has seen a surge in businesses making use of social video sharing services. Google’s YouTube service heads this queue. As a result, everyone who makes and shares videos must acquaint with, and conquer YouTube. That includes you.
Unfortunately, that is not as easy anymore. Changes in various YouTube algorithms and policies mean we all need to work harder. In fact, business organizations are not exempt.
A great YouTube campaign does wonders for company outlook on the market. The brand identity is very easy to develop and market when you use a proper YouTube channel.
Achieving this needs the channel to have both a huge following and even bigger exposure. You don’t want your amazing videos to sit idle on the web, do you? You also need a targeted audience; one that has interest in your offerings. Today, we examine how to grow the reach of a channel and succeed at your YouTube marketing campaigns.

Know and stick by your interests

It is rewarding to do the one hing you are great at, so do not be a jack of everything. Decide on what your channel is about and become an authority everyone wants to deal with. To achieve this, first check out the many topic of interest to you; the make the decision.
Knowing your audience ensures you can share content which adds value to your viewers. This will earns their respect, support and loyalty. It also makes your work easier, as providing quality is tough, but easier than offering trash. A lot of trash with no traction. And no support, or trust.

Chose a creative name

All you need to do for this, is to have a google account to start a YouTube channel. Give your channel a creative name. A good name must hint at what your channel does; or may be not. Still, it must help you draw the attention of viewers to your channel for more.

Create a great impression with suitable icon

There are few simple things which you need to keep more focus. Create a great icon for your YouTube channel. You can upload the icon image in the channel page. When you don’t have enough time to create a logo, you can even upload an image for the same purpose.

Use a killer ‘About’ section

Describe and introduce your channel in a nutshell. Tell about yourself and the services that you provide in the most engaging manner. For better outcome, your introduction must sell on its own; it is your first chance to impress. Or may be the only chance.

Make and share good videos

You need not buy a great camera to shoot your video, rather you can do that with the smartphone which you have. Make sure that the video is great with all the best content. Don’t sound too serious in the video, add some fun part to it with great energy flow throughout the video. Always make it a worth to commit their time to.

Create a channel playlist

There is no way around this one. In fact, does not matter how many videos you have; create the playlist! It allows new visitors to view the popular videos on your channel. It could also get them hooked completely.
A playlist will also help you to get better page ranks for the google search results. Remember to use a creative title for your playlist. Also, do not forget to ask them to subscribe to your channel.
You may also make your videos into episodes. The goal is to get your views hooked for a long enough time that they explore the channel.
Also count on auto play option as you might get a chance to get more number of views. Organize your videos and get a best chance drive more traffic.

Share your videos as mush as possible

Share these videos in other social channels as well. Your friends and their network will also get a chance to view these. Try to include the email as well and this helps to get more queries. You can even make more videos based on these requests. Make use of the potential of the LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest to get more views for your videos.

Use professional analytic tools to understand audience

Try to use the analytic tools and check out whether your videos are of appropriate size or not. Do note that lengthy videos will hurt your video analytics. A high number of videos abandoned midway will also alert you to this. Make the video short and engaging to have that effect. Take the added advantage of the analytic tools and its features to know how the users are engaging.

Respond to viewer Comments

Every audience comments helps you to become a better YouTube publisher. You will be able to get the content for your next videos from their conversation. Try to engage them so that you will be able to create awareness about your other services as well.
Linking the channel to your Google account makes responding to comments much easier. This way, YouTube comments appear in the video comment section of your Google profile.
Now go on and be a star. And make money along the way. Also remember to post your channel links in the comments below.

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