How to hunt down your dreams and attain financial stability

We all want to lead a life of financial freedom. This means having the ability to make monetary choices that you want.
Financial stability is thus the ultimate goal of every working adult. In fact, it is easy to understand why.
Whatever you choose to call it does not matter. What’s most important is that there is a common longing among all humans. That we crave control over our personal finances and being able to do or get what we want whenever we want to.
For a man raised in a low income home in the village, you dream of having it all. Yet, there are times when you don’t have your way. You get used to falling short, which is okay.
Still, it would be criminal for you to settle for that level of insufficiency. If you have a want to meet, you have a duty to go out of the way, and have your way.
Thus, financial struggles in acquiring one’s essential requirements must be a motivator for you to seek more. More provisions and a better life for your loved ones.
In each day, you ought to take steps to providing a better life for your loved ones. Do not hope for the good life you once dreamed of, go out and hunt it down. And plan to kill that which you hunt.
Getting a proper meal was and still is a great hurdle for many families out there; which they have to face each day. For this reason, talking financial freedom to such people may appear a fallacy. What freedom when I cannot put fend for my family?
It is understandable. The fundamental question then, is for how long you can afford to have your family in same conditions. Because taking certain risks, however outrageous, could be your best way out of that mire. And your family want you to find a way, despite the difficulties.
Even if you grew up in abject poverty, believe you can do better for your kids. In fact, the “money is hard to get” mentality is the first chain you must break.
I hope you do not view financial stability as a privilege. Because it is not. Building and having your financial freedom, and stability, is a reward for the efforts you put in.
But all is not lost. Not even for us whose surnames are only popular in our villages.
If a man blames his background for the poverty he lives in and suffers from, he has failed. The reason is simple. We ought to view parental success as first the ability to raise a child to maturity.
How rich or poor your parents are is only your starting point. Go run your own race, and make your way. Work harder for your parents, and your family. Then your achievements will define you.
The science of financial freedom isn’t like aeronautical engineering. Or any other field of science, for that matter. For an open mind and a willing soul, financial freedom can be as easy as breathing in and out.
It gives you options, better than you have ever had. Yes, a few red tapes might emerge, but the concept remains open to imagination. Like music, the conventions to financial freedom are already in place. What you need now is to use own creativity and produce unique value in whatever you do.
All in all, I would like to urge you to keep an open mind. when moving to the next article of this series on the road to financial freedom.

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